Student Project Supervision

Project supervision at the School of Computer Science & Digital Technology, Birmingham City University

Academic Year 2016/17

Student Degree Project
Aminul Islam MSc Advanced Computer Science Taxi Operations Management and Booking
James Mohammed BSc Computer Science Synchronous Control of Remote Systems as Demonstrated by a Remotely Operated Telepresence Drone
Bhavik Parekh BSc Computer Science Cloud based Camera Alarm System using Raspberry Pie
Jamie-Ann Bryant BSc Computer Science Arduino based Smart Home Environment
Barham Ali BSc Computer Science Mobile Application for Flipped Classrooms
Brogan Watkins BSc Computer Science Fitness App & Food Logger
Michael Ormrod BSc Computer Science Time Management Application
Taha Amini BSc Computer Science Global Sports League Application
John Ibanez BSc Computer Games Technology Mobile Survival Guide for Natural Disasters
Oliver Clews BSc Computer Games Technology Facilitating Greater In-game User Engagements through Twitch
Philip Smalley BSc Computer Games Technology Enhancing Classroom Engagement through Augmented Reality
Jessica Salhan BSc Information and Communications Technology Mobile Patient Care Management App
Kazi Ahmed BSc Information and Communications Technology Health Guide for Elderly People

Project supervision at the School of Computing Science & Digital Media, Robert Gordon University

Academic Year 2015/16

Student Degree Project
Nathan Gostelow BSc Graphics & Animation Procedural Terrain and Environment Generation
Gvidas Mandrijauskas BSc Application Software Development Mobile Video Challenge App
Jamie Davidson BSc Application Software Development Mobile Redit App
Ross Smith BSc Computer Science Mobile Fitness App
Redhwan Nacef BSc Computer Science Microsoft Kinect Martial Arts Training App
Karol Trojakowski BSc Internet & Multimedia Mobile Taxi Booking System

Academic Year 2014/15

Student Degree Project
Adam Drew BSc Graphics & Animation 3D Game Development Using a Modern Game Engine
Scott Birnie BSc Graphics & Animation Exploring VR Evolution in a Virtual Space with the Oculus Rift
David McLennan BSc Computer Science Mobile Game Development Using a Modern Game Engine
Sam Lyon BSc Computer Science Sports News Application on Android Devices
Paul McGillivary BSc Multimedia Development Mobile Campus Information System
Thibaut Rey BSc Computing for Internet & Multimedia Synchronise.IO

Academic Year 2013/14

Student Degree Project
Vladimir Hoferica MSc Software Technology Lego NXT Mindstorms
Christos Liontos MSc Software Technology Android App Development
Ogho Enuku MSc IT for Oil & Gas Android App Development
Nicholas Reilly MSc IT for Oil & Gas Oil & Gas Mindmapping
Brandon Marczak BSc Multimedia Development Game Development
Peter Prjevara BSc Multimedia Development Collaborative Smart Home
Julie Mackenzie BSc Multimedia Development Games & Apps to Assist Learning
Martin Brich BSc Multimedia Development Game Development
Wei Wu BSc Multimedia Development Collaborative Tool for Designers using MS PixelSense Technology
Lukas Podhrazky BSc Multimedia Development Dyslixia Assessment App

Academic Year 2012/13

Student Degree Project
Nne Saturday MSc Software Technology Social Media Aggregation
Kerry McLaughlin BSc Computer Science Web Application Development
Alexandru Ghistscu-Hrin BSc Computer Science Procedural Shader Driven Rendering on Modern Hardware
Nicholas Reilly BSc Computing for Internet & Multimedia Games Development using CryEngine
Callum Coward BSc Computing for Internet & Multimedia HTML 5 Game Development

Academic Year 2011/12

Student Degree Project
Durga Veerapalli MSc Computing: Information Engineering Time Management for Desktop & Mobile using Java-FX
Suchendra Nandigam MSc Computing: Software Technology Virtual Campus Android Application
Kwame Attafuah MSc Computing: Information Engineering Health Monitoring using Mobile Sensors
Ashwin Chepuru MSc Computing: Software Technology Alternative Mobile Interaction
Niranjan Livingston MSc Computing: Information Engineering Interactive Campus Magazine & Information Resource for the iPad
David Rattary MSc Computing: Software Technology Vehicle Maintence Recording with Kinect Interaction
Farzan Shabestari MSc Computing: Software Technology Android Based Social Media for Older People
Sam Claughan BSc Multimedia Development Distributed Game Server
Peter Duguid BSc Multimedia Development Video Effects Production
Greg Armstrong BSc Computing for Internet & Multimedia Social Media Portal for Musicians
Irina Radu BSc Computing for Internet & Multimedia Web based Content Management Engine
Andrei Danci BSc Computing for Internet & Multimedia Photographic Portfolio

Academic Year 2010/11

Student Degree Project
Anthony Olele MSc Computing: Software Technology Game Development in Unity 3D
Rakesh Nara MSc Computing: Information Engineering Android Application Development
Mulenga Nyondo MSc Computing: Information Engineering Building Interactive Applications using BD-J
Sachin Namboori MSc Computing: Software Technology Alternative Sensor Based Mobile Interaction Modalities
Vidhysagar Vivekanandan MSc Computing: Information Engineering Games Development in O3D
Ahmed Mahdi MSc Computing: Software Technology 3D Race Track Driving Game using the M3G API
Rajesh Kolla MSc Computing: Software Technology Games Development in HTML5
Yahaya Aubukar MSc Computing: Information Engineering 2D Maze Games in HTML5
Ceri Rowland BSc Computing for Graphics & Animation 2D XBox Interactive Game using XNA
Simon Higgins BSc Computing for Graphics & Animation 3D Flight Simulator
Ondrej Skacel BSc Information Systems Technology 3D Flash Car Configuration & Driving Simulation
Aaron O’Connor BSc Computing for Graphics & Animation Flash Multimedia Portfolio
Peter Kosak BSc Computing for Internet & Multimedia Property Leasing Portal
Christopher Goodwin BSc Multimedia Development Supercage: An Interactive Flashed Based Adventure Game

Academic Year 2009/10

Student Degree Project
Anand Umarania MSc Computing: Information Engineering eCommerce Site
Neil Crichton MSc Computing: Software Technology Bringing Lego NXT Robots to Life
Ali Bukar MSc Computing: Software Technology eShopping Portal
Ifeanyi Nwankwo MSc Computing: Software Technology Flash-lite Multimedia Player
Ravi Hkandelwal MSc Computing: Information Engineering Mobile 3D Graphics using the M3G API
Stuart   McGillivary BSc Multimedia Development Second World War Interactive Timeline
Stefan Stulajter BSc Multimedia Development Extreme Sports Flash Based Shop
Paul Seaman BSc Computer Science Delicious Library – An Adobe Air Catalogue for your DVD Collection
Deborah Morrison BSc Computing for Internet & Multimedia Buchan Off-Road Drivers Club
Alistair Mitchell BSc Computing for Graphics & Animation Macduff Bowling Club Website

Academic Year 2008/09

Student Degree Project
Olivaur Simonson MSc Computing: Software Technology Chessboard in Flash using XML for Communication
Serguei Maksimtchouk BSc Computing for Internet & Multimedia 2D Side Scrolling Game with Macromedia Flash
Craig Reid BSc Computing for Internet & Multimedia Car Configuration System
Andrew Lewis BSc Computing & Information 3D Jenga in Flash
Claire Hay BSc Computing for Internet & Multimedia The Provincial Grand Lodge of Aberdeenshire-East Masonic Website
Jon Dunbar BSc Computing for Business & eCommerce E-Commerce Website with Flash Components

Academic Years 2008-13 Supervision of 34 students undertaking BSc (Hons) Design for Digital Media.

Students advised at University College Cork, Ireland

Academic Year 2007/08

Student Degree Project
Shilei Liu MSc Mobile Computing J2ME Benchmark Test Suite
Han Wang MSc Mobile Computing Wireless Digital Jukebox (W-DJ)
Fei Fei Song MSc Mobile Computing Mobile Flash Development

Academic Year 2006/07

Student Degree Project
Mahavir Kashyap MSc Mobile Computing Mobile Java 3D
Vikram Jain MSc Mobile Computing Mobile Java 3D
Kevin Duggan MSc Mobile Computing Multiplayer Gaming over Bluetooth
Brendan J. Donegan MSc Mobile Computing Building Bluetooth Scatternet Networks

Academic Year 2005/06

Student Degree Project
Olivia Crinion MSc Multimedia Technology Mobile Advertising
Tracey J. Mehigan MSc Multimedia Technology Bluetooth in Education and Games
Xiaoge Chen MSc Multimedia Technology 2D Vector Graphics
Chen Yin Jie MSc Multimedia Technology Cancerous Cell Growth

Academic Year 2004/05

Student Degree Project
Stephen Joseph Healy MSc Multimedia Technology Mobile Computer Graphics
Eoin Martin Fanning MSc Multimedia Technology Waterford City Walls
Yu Chen MSc Multimedia Technology Image Processing for J2ME
Alanna Garvey BSc Computer Science Monocular Cues and Stereo Imaging

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