Modules Taught

Presently Teaching at BCU
CMP4262 Computer Programming
CMP6168 Mobile & Web Technologies I (iOS)
CMP6169 Mobile & Web Technologies II (Android)
CMP7039 Advanced Mobile Computing
Final Year Honours Project Lectures & Co-ordination

Past Modules at BCU
CMP4100 ICT Programming
CMP4262 Data Structures and Algorithms
CMP6102 Individual Project

Past Modules at RGU
CM1017 Tools for 2D Graphics
CM2012 2D Animation
CM2540 Programming Embedded Devices
CM3056 Interactive Multimedia
CM4020 Audio and Video Production
CM4028 Digital Video Compositing
AA2412 Tools for Interactive Digital Media
AA3621 Tools for Digital Post-production
AA4306 Honours Design Projects

Previous Modules I have taught on at UCC
CS7400 Digital Audio
CS7200 The Web
CS7100 Graphics & Animation
CS7000 Introduction to Multimedia Technology
CS6116 Mobile Multimedia
CS6102 Graphics & Graphics Design
CS6100 Authoring
CS5014 Mobile Applications
CS5013 Mobile Systems Design II
CS5012 Mobile Systems Design I
CS4402 Parallel & Grid Computing
CS4054 Virtual Reality
CS3311 Middleware
CS2800 Introduction to HTML
CS1802 Media Authoring
CS1801 Media Processing
CS1800 Media Production


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