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The following detail various university related blog posts I have written. One may see quite a number of posts in relation to the development of the Riverside East Building now known as the Sir Ian Wood Building as well as posts on other sites.

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Teaching / Research
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General Posts – University News / Computing

  1. Examples and Considerations of Big Data Information Systems harnessing Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (online)
  2. CoVID: Data Sources, Visualisations, Dashboards and Milestones, a Data Science World (online)
  3. A Visit to #HackTheMidlands Hackathon 2019 (online)
  4. Kainos AI Camp and Hackathon Birmingham 2019 (online)
  5. Fundamentals of Success, Life and Academic Performance (online)
  6. Kainos AI Camp and Hackathon – Week 2 Summary (online)
  7. Kainos AI Camp and Hackathon – Week 1 Summary (online)
  8. Life Lessons and Leadership Principles (online)
  9. University incoming Class Photos – (Examples in Video), an engaging Start? (online)
  10. BCU Global Game Jam 2018 – Tweet Summary (online)
  11. Bring your Tent: Global Game Jam & Hackathon Examples (online)
  12. Post-it Note Art on Campus (online)
  13. Post-it Note Art in Video (online)
  14. Hackathon Examples Around Birmingham in Video (online)
  15. A Visit to #HackTheMidlands Hackathon 2017 (online)
  16. Visit to the UK’s Biggest Gaming Event – EXG 2017 (online)
  17. Data Structures – Working with Queues and Games (online)
  18. BCU Global Game Jam 20-22 Jan 2017 – Event Summary (online)
  19. Examples of Graphics, Animation and Fractals in Film (online)
  20. The Carbon Journey Event 31st Oct 2016 (online)
  21. Looking Back at George Boole’s 200th Birthday Celebrations (online)
  22. Visit to Bletchley Park (online)
  23. Essential Viewing – Schwarzenegger Interview: Vision, Goals, Confidence and Time Management (online)
  24. RGUHack 2016 Event Tweet Summary (online)
  25. RGU Hackathon 2016 in Video (online)
  26. RGU Hackathon 16-17th April 2016 – Event Photos (online)
  27. What Qualities Make a Game Popular? (online)
  28. Dare to be Digital 2016 – Examples of Past Video Pitches (online)
  29. The Office of 2030 – What Does the Future Hold (online)
  30. List of Computer Science Departments in the UK (online)
  31. BCS Aberdeen Enigma Lecture 1st Oct 2015 (online)
  32. Lunar Eclipse and Supermoon – Astronomy Ireland (online)
  33. UK Computer Science Funding REF 2014 Analysis (online)
  34. Essential Viewing – Prof Randy Pausch Time Management & The Last Lecture (online)
  35. RGU Computing Alumni Group Reaches 700 Members (online)
  36. 24 Camera Raspberry Pi – Bullet Time Photography (online)
  37. Quadcopter Flights Around Campus (online)
  38. 24 Hour RGU Hackathon 18–19th April 2015 (online)
  39. Crowds Viewing the Eclipse Outside RGU Riverside East (online)
  40. Visit to BP HIVE Aberdeen 17th Oct 2014 (online)
  41. How to Demo DSLR Video Settings Live to a Class (online)
  42. Quadcopter Flying Around Campus – Video (online)
  43. Quadcopter Flight around Campus in Pictures (online)
  44. Exploring DOF with PixelSense & the Canon EOS Utility (online)
  45. Key People and Events in Computer Science – Dates to Celebrate (online)
  46. Time-lapse Videos of Assembling a Motion Capture System (online)
  47. Moments in time of Building a Motion Capture System (online)
  48. UIST 2013 Student Innovation Competition in Video (40+) (online)
  49. Awards Dinner at the National Museum of Scotland (online)
  50. Views over Duthie Park and Aberdeen in Video (online)
  51. Having Fun Flying Around Duthie Park in Video (online)
  52. Crash Bang Wallop Quadcopter Vs Tree (online)
  53. Setup and Test Flights Riverside East RGU Campus in Video (online)
  54. On Camera Flying Around Duthie Park Aberdeen (online)
  55. DJI Phantom Quadcopter Setup & First Flight (online)
  56. Aberdeen from Above Duthie Park (online)
  57. High Above Duthie Park Aberdeen (online)
  58. Quadcopter Alternate Launch Platforms (online)
  59. Quadcopter Flying High Above Campus – Riverside East (online)
  60. Shader Driven Rendering Demos (online)
  61. iPad’s Galore – Codea iPad Programming Workshop (online)
  62. Sunrise Timelapse RGU Garthdee Campus (online)
  63. Sunrise from the Round Tower Garthdee Campus (online)
  64. Experimenting with Photography (online)
  65. Out of this World Lecture (online)
  66. Lights Camera Action & the Silver Screen (online)
  67. Capturing an Instant in Time – Students Making a Splash (online)
  68. Photography – Light, Composition (online)
  69. Photography Freezing the Motion (online)
  70. Camera Jib’s – Libec Swift Jib 50 (online)
  71. Regeneration Aberdeen Lecture (online)
  72. Exploring Light Painting (online)
  73. Exploring Panoramic Photography (online)
  74. How to Teach Photography to a Room of 100 Students? (online)
  75. Getting to Grips with Depth of Field (online)
  76. Exploring the World of Minecraft (online)
  77. Treknology – Are we there yet? (online)
  78. What is Multimedia? A 21st Century Viewpoint (online)
  79. Fun Photography Projects – 360 & Cloning. Any Other Ideas? (online)
  80. Snow Day on Campus (online)
  81. RGU CompSoc – A Summary of the Semester so Far (online)
  82. Oldmachar Academy School Visit 14th Nov 2012 (online)
  83. November Open Day Lights Camera Action (online)
  84. Hillwalking Adventures Captured in Video and GPS (online)
  85. Computing Open Day RGU Summarised in Video (online)
  86. How to Fold A Green Screen and Friends (online)
  87. Sunrise and Reflections on Campus at Robert Gordon University (online)
  88. Setting up a Motion Capture System – Twelve Camera Flex 13 (online)
  89. Squirrel on the 2nd Floor Trying to get into Uni One Day Before Induction (online)
  90. Alumni Group Reaches 303 Members (online)
  91. Another School Visit to Bridge of Don Academy (online)
  92. School Visit to Bridge of Don Academy (online)
  93. A Weekend Walking and Photographic Adventure (online)
  94. University College Dublin, Ireland, Photo Tour (online)
  95. Dublin City University, Ireland, Campus Tour (online)
  96. Western Gateway Building, University College Cork (online)
  97. Setup for the Unboxing Videos (online)
  98. Sphere within Sphere at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland (online)
  99. The Quad & Honan Plaza UCC at Night (online)
  100. IrlCPC Programming Competition – Video of Presentations & Prize Giving (online)
  101. IrlCPC Programming Competition, UCC, Saturday 24th March 2012 (online)
  102. Visit to the HIVE at BP Dyce, Friday 23rd March 2012 (online)
  103. Research Seminar on WSN’s (online)
  104. School of Computing Render Farm (online)
  105. 2D Java Based Plasma Fractal Generator (online)
  106. PhD Comics the Movie comes to Aberdeen (online)
  107. 3D Menger Sponge & Other Similar Fractals (online)
  108. RGU Computing Visit to BP HIVE in Dyce (online)
  109. Academic Resources & Azure Cloud Computing Talks (online)
  110. Unreal Tournament Scores Update (online)
  111. The Academic Working Week (online)
  112. Applicants Day & Windows Phone Camp (online)
  113. IrlCPC Programming Competition (online)
  114. Unreal Tournament Competition (online)
  115. Applicants Day – Green Screen Room (online)
  116. Professorial Lecture by Susan Craw (online)
  117. Fractal Terrain Generation (online)
  118. Aberdeen City Garden Project Lecture (online)
  119. Microsoft Surface Unboxing Video Spreads Like Wildfire (online)
  120. Microsoft Surface Unboxing (online)
  121. School of Computing RGU Alumni Group Reaches 200 Members (online)
  122. Let’s use video to reinvent education (online)
  123. The Psychology of Color (online)
  124. IDEAS Research Seminar 27th Jan 2012 (online)
  125. School Workshops at Oldmachar Academy (online)
  126. Computational Power versus Energy Costs (online)
  127. Irish Collegiate Programming Contest (IrlCPC) (online)
  128. School Workshops at Bridge of Don Academy (online)
  129. Interactive Wall at UD // openFrameworks ✛ Kinect (online)
  130. Death of Physical Media Say Hello to Streaming on Demand (online)
  131. Computer Museum Paris France (online)
  132. NeXT cube Musée de l’informatique, le Grande Arche, Paris (online)
  133. 3D Facial Database at London’s Science Museum (online)

New Build – Riverside East / Sir Ian Wood Building Posts

  1. Riverside East Extension – April 2015 update (online)
  2. Riverside East Extension – Pouring the Floors & Cladding (online)
  3. Riverside East Extension – Building the Steel Frame (online)
  4. Riverside East Extension – the First Few Months (online)
  5. 13 Videos of Riverside East Illuminated at Night (online)
  6. Riverside East at Night (online)
  7. RGU Garthdee New Build – Photo Update 26 July 2013 (online)
  8. RGU Garthdee New Build – Photo Update 9 July 2013 (online)
  9. Automated Compact Shelving at RGU Library (online)
  10. RGU Library Garthdee New Build – Photo Update 2 June 2013 (online)
  11. RGU Garthdee New Build – Photo Update 14 May 2013 (online)
  12. RGU Garthdee New Build – Photo Update 9 Mar 2013 (online)
  13. Evolution of the New Build at the Garthdee Campus (online)
  14. RGU Garthdee New Build – Photo Update 15 Jan 2013 (online)
  15. RGU Garthdee New Build – Photo Update 30 Sept 2012 (online)
  16. RGU Garthdee New Build – Photo Update 15 Aug 2012 Interiors (online)
  17. RGU Garthdee New Build – Photo Update 11 Aug 2012 (online)
  18. RGU Garthdee New Build – Photo Update 1 Aug 2012 (online)
  19. Hard and Soft Light at the New Build Robert Gordon University (online)
  20. RGU Garthdee New Build – Photo Update 14 July 2012 (online)
  21. RGU Garthdee New Build – Photo Update 12 June 2012 (online)
  22. RGU Garthdee New Build views from Kincorth Hill (online)
  23. RGU Garthdee New Build – Photo Update 26 May 2012 (online)
  24. Tower Crane Removal RGU Garthdee Campus (online)
  25. RGU Garthdee New Build – Photo Update 8 April 2012 (online)
  26. RGU Garthdee New Build – Photo Update 26 Feb 2012 (online)
  27. RGU Garthdee New Build – Photo Update 08 Feb 2012 (online)
  28. RGU Garthdee New Build – Photo Update 22 Jan 2012 (online)
  29. RGU Garthdee Under Construction Timelapse Video (online)
  30. RGU Garthdee New Build 14th Jan 2012 (online)
  31. RGU Garthdee New Build 4th Dec 2011 (online)
  32. RGU Garthdee New Build 29th Oct 2011 (online)

Posts on the School’s Blog
The following posts on the School’s blog have mostly been entirely written by me, a few may of them may include materials to which I contributed and a few others may be re-blogs from this wordpress site. At the time of the last post below this represented about 1/3rd of the content on the School’s site.

  1. Quadcopter Flights Around Campus (online)
  2. 24 Camera Raspberry Pi – Bullet Time Photography (online)
  3. RGU Mini Hackathon – SIE Young Innovators Challenge Projects (online)
  4. RGU Hack (online)
  5. SIE Young Innovator’s Challenge – Mini Hackathon (online)
  6. CS2 Visits TOTAL (online)
  7. Oldmachar Academy Visits RGU Computing (online)
  8. Visit to BP HIVE Aberdeen (online)
  9. School Visit to TOTAL (online)
  10. Lecture and Workshop on Blackberry Development (online)
  11. Oldmachar Academy Visits RGU Computing (online)
  12. Breathing Life and Animation into the Green Room (online)
  13. Meeting with Codify – Sponsors of RGU Computing’s UIST 2013 Team Entry (online)
  14. Young Software Engineer of the Year Awards (online)
  15. Codea Programming at Alford Academy (online)
  16. The Green Screen Room (online)
  17. RGU CSDM Prize Ceremony 2013 (online)
  18. Honours Project – Shader Driven Rendering (online)
  19. Visit to BP HIVE (online)
  20. Visit to the BP HIVE Friday 17th May at 09:00 (online)
  21. Applicants Day Multimedia Demos (online)
  22. School Videos on YouTube (online)
  23. Experiences in the Games Industry (online)
  24. Student Film Screening at Belmont Cinema (online)
  25. Belmont Cinema to Screen CM4020 Trailers (online)
  26. School Visit to TOTAL E&P UK (online)
  27. Oldmachar Academy Visit (online)
  28. A Summary of the Semester so Far (online)
  29. New Digital Media Equipment (online)
  30. School Computer Society (online)
  31. Open Day (online)
  32. Building our new Motion Capture System (online)
  33. RGU Garthdee New Build – Photo Update Interiors (online)
  34. New Build Garthdee Photo Update (online)
  35. New Build Garthdee – Photo Update (online)
  36. New Build Garthdee – Photo Update (online)
  37. School Prize Giving (online)
  38. IrlCPC Programming (online)
  39. IrlCPC Programming Competition, UCC (online)
  40. Visit to the HIVE at BP Dyce (online)
  41. School of Computing Render Farm (online)
  42. School Visit to Mearns (online)
  43. PhD Comics the Movie comes to Aberdeen (online)
  44. RGU Computing Visit to BP HIVE in Dyce (online)
  45. Academic Resources & Azure Cloud Computing Talks (online)
  46. Applicants Day and Phone Camp – A story in Embedded Tweets (online)
  47. Applicants Day & Windows Phone Camp (online)
  48. Unreal Tournament Competition (online)
  49. IrlCPC Programming Competition (online)
  50. Unreal Tournament Competition (online)
  51. RGU Garthdee New Build – Photo Update (online)
  52. Professorial Lecture by Susan Craw (online)
  53. Microsoft Surface Unboxing Video Spreads Like Wildfire (online)
  54. Microsoft Surface Unboxing (online)
  55. RGU Alumni Group Reaches 200 Members (online)
  56. Microsoft Windows Phone Camp (online)
  57. School Workshops at Oldmachar Academy (online)
  58. Irish Collegiate Programming Contest (IrlCPC) (online)
  59. School Workshops at Bridge of Don Academy (online)
  60. RGU Garthdee New Build (online)

RGU CompSoc Blog Posts
The following posts I have written on behalf of the School’s Computer Society ( that formed in 2009 and remained active until 2014. A Hackathon held in April 2015 demonstrated some interest in reviving the Society.

  1. CompSoc Meeting – Ardunio & Pi (online)
  2. CompSoc Meeting – Raspberry Pi – Get Ready – Go (online)
  3. Get Going with the Raspberry Pi & Clusters (online)
  4. RGU CompSoc Monthly WordPress Stats (online)
  5. CompSoc Meeting – GoPro App and More (online)
  6. RGU CompSoc First Meeting of the Year, UIST Entry (online)
  7. RGU CompSoc Portsoy to Cullen Trek Part 2 (online)
  8. RGU CompSoc Re-enact the Fellowship Setting out from Rivendell (online)
  9. RGU CompSoc Portsoy to Cullen Trek (online)
  10. CompSoc First Meeting of the Academic Year (online)
  11. RGU CompSoc First Meeting at Riverside East (online)
  12. Arduino Kit Arrives (online)
  13. Minecraft Competition (online)
  14. Minecraft a Great way to Spend an Evening (online)
  15. CompSoc Meeting Starting A Linux Build (online)
  16. CompSoc Meeting Unix & Enterprise Systems (online)
  17. CompSoc Meeting JPL C Coding Standard (online)
  18. RGU CompSoc – A Summary of the Semester so Far (online)
  19. CompSoc Meeting Windows 8 (online)
  20. Upcoming CompSoc Events (online)
  21. CompSoc Meeting Networked Attached Storage (online)
  22. CompSoc Meeting Kinect (online)
  23. CompSoc Meeting Exploring Dreamspark and More (online)
  24. CompSoc Meeting Raspberry Pi (online)
  25. Hillwalking Adventures Around Loch Muick (online)
  26. Motion Capture Lecture and Demo (online)
  27. First Meeting of the Academic Year (online)
  28. Hillwalking in Glen Clova (online)
  29. Visit to Glen Clova Plans (online)
  30. Unreal Tournament (online)
  31. UT2004 Team Competition Guidelines (online)
  32. Documentary Screening: Inside Facebook (online)
  33. Open Lecture LaTeX (online)
  34. Start of Semester Adventure Field Trip Slains Castle (online)
  35. An Evening of Bowling (online)
  36. A Marathon of Another Kind – Abdn Beach (online)
  37. Cinema Harry Potter Marathon (online)
  38. Cinema Transformers: Dark of the Moon (online)
  39. Cinema Kung Fu Panda 2 (online)
  40. Cinema Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (online)
  41. Cinema The Hangover Part II (online)
  42. Cinema Thor 3D (online)
  43. Hill Walking Adventure Loch Morlich (online)
  44. Flickr Limits Just 200 Images are Viewable (online)
  45. Aberdeen Holiday Plans Aviemore (online)
  46. Lecture on Mash-ups (online)
  47. CompSoc Official First Year Anniversary (online)
  48. Field Trips Risk Assessment (online)
  49. Request For Comment April Fools (online)
  50. Unreal Competition The Finals (online)
  51. Happy Pi Day + Happy Birthday Albert Einstein (online)
  52. Unreal Competition Knockouts (online)
  53. Unreal Tournament Team Competition (online)
  54. Double Lecture – Competition & Information Retrieval (online)
  55. Double Lecture – 2nd Day of Second Semester (online)
  56. Cinema Tron (online)
  57. Lecture Flash, Silverlight & HTML 5 (online)
  58. Lecture – Backtracking Part II (online)
  59. Lecture Backtracking Algorithm (online)
  60. Cinema Jackass 3D (online)
  61. Lecture Augmented Reality (online)
  62. Cinema Despicable Me 3D (online)
  63. Lecture Presentations in LaTeX with Beamer (online)
  64. Lecture Introduction to LaTeX (online)
  65. Hill Walking Braemar (online)
  66. Cinema Resident Evil (online)
  67. Freshers Fayre Stand (online)
  68. CTRL Byte Characters (online)
  69. Pool @ O’Reilly’s (online)
  70. It’s BBQ Time The Exams are Over (online)
  71. Lecture Advanced Data Modeling (online)
  72. Tour of Loch Muick (online)
  73. CTRL Byte Its official (online)
  74. Menger Sponge Construction (online)
  75. Hitting the Basketball Court Once Again (online)
  76. Basketball at Hutcheon Street (online)
  77. PhD Research Lecture on Audio Analysis (online)
  78. Lecture Microsoft Inspiration Tour (online)
  79. Cinema Avatar (online)
  80. CTRL Byte feature in Alumni Association e-zine (online)
  81. CTRL Byte Hit the Pool Tables (online)
  82. CTRL Byte – Christmas Lecture (online)
  83. Cinema Star Trek (online)
  84. Lecture Programming Lego Robots using NXTC Part 2 (online)
  85. Lego NXC & Unreal Battles (online)
  86. Lecture Programming Lego Robots using NXTC (online)
  87. Unreal Competition (online)
  88. CTRL Byte takes part in Open Day (online)
  89. CTRL Byte Hits the Basketball Court (online)
  90. Robots Robots Everywhere (online)
  91. CTRL Byte Goes Live (online)
  92. Computer Society Gears Up (online)

Research Seminars
The following is a list of research seminars that I have organised & hosted over the past few years. I have posted details about each seminar at Some of the seminars are available to view on the schools Vimeo Channel.

  1. Professor Sanjay K. Jha – University of New South Wales, A Changing Landscape: Securing The Internet Of Things (IoT) (online)
  2. Dr Mykola Pechenizkiy – Eindhoven University of Technology, Predictive Analytics that Works!? (online)
  3. Dr Alice Toniolo – University of Aberdeen & Dr Marianthi Leon – Robert Gordon University, Argumentation schemes for supporting collaborative reasoning and deliberation dialogue; an application for analysing collaboration for the built environment (online)
  4. Dr Dawn Carmichael – Glasgow Caledonian University, Smart Metrics (online)
  5. Prof Quintin Cutts – University of Glasgow, Will radical research-led change in schools CS affect you?! (online)
  6. Dr Marilyn Lennon – University of Strathclyde, Wellness in the city: Design and evaluation of mobile apps for health and wellness (online)
  7. Elaine Russell – Project Manager, Dare to be Digital (online)
  8. Dr Martin Halvey – University of Strathclyde, The Effect of Thermal Stimuli on the Emotional Perception of Images (online)
  9. Dr Christophe B. Michel – University of Stirling, Computational Neurosciences and Vestibular Electrophysiology (online)
  10. Dr Paul Anderson – University of Edinburgh, Describing System Configurations with L3 (online)
  11. Dr Fiona McNeill – Heriot Watt University, Dynamic Interpretation and Integration of Mismatched Data (online)
  12. Dr Louis Aslett – University of Oxford, Data Science and Statistics in the Amazon Cloud with R (online)
  13. Research Seminars 2015-16 Academic Year (online)
  14. Dr Leo Chen – Glasgow Caledonian, Computational Intelligence Aided Design (CIAD) and Two Robotic Systems: Exoskeleton and Hummingbird-like Robot Systems (online)
  15. Research Seminars 2014-15 Academic Year (online)
  16. Dr. ir. Joaquin Vanschoren – Eindhoven University of Technology, Towards Networked and Automated Machine Learning (online)
  17. Dr Richard Glassey – KTH: Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden, Meaningful Assessment at Scale (online)
  18. Dr Paul Thomas – CSIRO, Australia, Using Interaction Data to Explain Browsing Difficulty (online)
  19. Dr Honglei Li – Northumbria University, Internet of Things: A Security Point of View (online)
  20. Associate Prof Ian Watson – The University of Auckland, New Zealand, Successful Performance via Decision Generalisation in No Limit Texas Hold’em (online)
  21. Prof Marie-Francine Moens – Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Cross-media Information Retrieval and Mining (online)
  22. Dr David Flatla – University of Dundee, Do You See What I See? Differences in Colour Perception (online)
  23. Dr Åsa Cajander – Uppsala University, The DOME Project: Deployment of Online Medical Records and E-health Services (online)
  24. Dr Mats Daniels – Uppsala University, Professional Competencies and Education (online)
  25. Ewan Stewart – Police Scotland Cybercrime (North), Computer Forensics (online)
  26. Dr Marco Gaboardi – University of Dundee, Differential Privacy: An Economic Method for Choosing Epsilon (online)
  27. Prof David Harper – Head of University Relations in EMEA for Google, Google its History, Approach to Engineering & Building University Relationships (online)
  28. Prof John Lee – University of Edinburgh, Recycled Resources and Learning Communities (online)
  29. Dr Bruce Graham – University of Stirling, Dynamics of Information Storage and Recall in the Brain (online)
  30. Prof Chris Williams – University of Edinburgh, Switching Linear Dynamical Systems for Condition Monitoring in the Intensive Care Unit (online)
  31. Tiphane Dalmas – University of Edinburgh, Question Answering in Spacebook (online)
  32. Prof Phil Trinder – University of Glasgow, Reliable Scalable Symbolic Computation: The Design of SymGridPar2 (online)
  33. Elaine Russell – University of Abertay, Entering Dare to be Digital (online)
  34. Prof Abbes Amira – University of the West of Scotland, Empowering Care through Embedded Intelligent Computing (online)
  35. Deepak S Padmanabhan – IBM India Research Lab, Information Extraction for enhancing Master Data Management (online)
  36. Dr Jose M. Alcaraz Calero – University of the West of Scotland, Recent Advances in Management for Large-Scale Cloud Computing Infrastructures (online)
  37. Dr Phil Turner – Edinburgh Napier University, How we cope with Digital Technology (online)
  38. Dr James A. Bednar – University of Edinburgh, A Mechanistic Model of the Development and Function of the Primary Visual Cortex (online)
  39. Dr Per Ola Kristensson – University of St Andrews, Reimagining the way we type (online)
  40. Ashraf Samy Hegab –, 3D Mobile Games Development (online)
  41. Prof Stephen McKenna – University of Dundee, Multi-modal Activity Recognition in the Kitchen (online)
  42. Research Seminars 2013-14 Academic Year (online)
  43. Prof Stephen Brewster – University of Glasgow, Multimodal mobile interaction – making the most of our users’ capabilities (online)
  44. Prof Chris Johnson – University of Glasgow, Cyber-security and the Safety of National Critical Infrastructures (online)
  45. Dr John Levine – University of Strathclyde, joint work with Dr Mark Dunlop, Evolving QWERTY (online)
  46. Dr Jacqueline Archibald – University of Abertay Dundee, Affective Feedback – towards ending frustrating online interactions and making secure interactions more usable (online)
  47. Dr Colin Allison – University of St Andrews, The 3D Web and Open Learning: Applications and Challenges (online)
  48. Prof Thomas Roth-Berghofer – University of West London, Smart University – The University as a Platform(online)
  49. Prof Chris Reed – University of Dundee, Inference Anchoring Theory – Theoretical Problems, Linguistic Applications and Software Implementations (online)
  50. Prof David Bradley – University of Abertay Dundee, Mechatronics, More Questions than Answers (online)
  51. Research Seminars Summary Semester Two 2013 (online)
  52. Dr Guillaume Cabanac – University of Toulouse, France, Musings at the Crossroads of Digital Libraries, Information Retrieval, and Scientometrics (online)
  53. Dr Vladimir Komendantsky – University of St Andrews, Project preview: Environment for Construction of Parallel Skeletons, Higher-Order Theorem Proving and Complexity Analysis (online)
  54. Prof Simon Dobson – University of St Andrews, Mission maybe possible: improving the programming model for wireless sensor networks (online)
  55. Prof Andrew Ireland – Heriot-Watt University, Reasoned Modelling: Towards Decision Support for System Designers (online)
  56. Mr Lee Stott – Microsoft, Azure Cloud Computing (online)
  57. Dr Karen Renaud – University of Glasgow, The Real Effects of Password Policies (online)
  58. Prof Yaochu Jin – University of Surrey, Self-Organization of Neural Systems – An Evolutionary and Developmental Perspective (online)
  59. Prof Choi-Hong Lai – University of Greenwich, On transformation methods and the induced parallel properties for the temporal domain (online)
  60. Dr Julain Bass – School of Computing, Robert Gordon University, Influences on Agile Practice Tailoring in Enterprise Software Development (online)
  61. Dr Judy Robertson, Mr Andrew MacVean – Heriot-Watt University, Lessons Learned from a Preliminary Study of an Exergame for children (online)
  62. Dr David Cairns & Mr Geoffrey Neumann – University of Stirling, Introducing Intervention Targeting into Estimation of Distribution Algorithms (online)
  63. Dr Sandy Brownlee – Loughborough University, Multi-objective optimisation of building designs (online)
  64. Dr Carron Shankland – University of Stirling, Direct evolution of process algebra model parameters (online)
  65. Dr Annalu Waller – University of Dundee, Augmentative and Alternative Communication across the Lifespan of Individuals with Complex Communication Needs (online)
  66. Dr Xiangyang Ju – University of Glasgow, 3D/4D imaging in facial deformity corrections (online)
  67. Dr Lynne Baillie – Glasgow Caledonian University, Designing enjoyable multimodal interactions (online)
  68. Dr Murray Cole – University of Edinburgh, Patterns, Skeletons and the Parallel Software Crisis (online)
  69. Ms Victoria Farmer – Robert Gordon University, Beyond the paper book loan: what the library can do for you (online)
  70. Prof David Bradley – University of Abertay, Dundee, Lifestyle Monitoring (online)
  71. Prof Tong Zhang – Rutgers University, USA, Spectral Methods for Learning Graphical Models (online)
  72. Mr Ben Horsburgh – School of Computing, Robert Gordon University, Finding the Hidden Gems: Recommending Untagged Music (online)
  73. Prof David Pym – University of Aberdeen, Systems and Security Modelling: From Theory to Practice (online)
  74. Prof Jackie Cassell – Brighton and Sussex Medical School, The Patient Records Enhancement Project (PREP): making free text available for public health research (online)
  75. Dr Michael Herrmann – University of Edinburgh, Self-Organized Criticality in Neurorobotics (online)
  76. Prof Daniela Zaharie – West University of Timisoara, Romania, An overview of the research activities at the Department of Informatics at the West University of Timisoara, Romania (online)
  77. Dr Charles Sutton – University of Edinburgh, Machine Learning for Computer System Performance (online)
  78. Dr Simon Rogers – University of Glasgow, Probablistic Models for Captive Touch (online)
  79. Dr John Hamer – University of Auckland, A Practical Guide to using Peer Review in Computing Science (online)
  80. Dr Mirco Musolesi – University of St Andrews, Sensing, Understanding and Modelling People using Mobile Phones (online)
  81. Dr Julian Bass – School of Computing, Robert Gordon University, Institutional Analysis, The Capability Approach and Technological Change (online)
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