Useful Academic Resources – Computer Science

LaTeX Templates and Guides

  1. Short Guide to Overleaf Projects in LaTeX (overleaf) GitHub: (repo) (.zip) (.pdf)
  2. LJMU LaTeX BSc Project Template (overleaf) GitHub: (repo) (.zip) (.pdf)
  3. LJMU Coursework Report LaTeX Template (overleaf) GitHub: (repo) (.zip) (.pdf)
  4. LJMU Short LaTeX Report Skeleton (overleaf) GitHub: (repo) (.zip) (.pdf)
  5. BCU LaTeX BSc / MSc Project Template – GitHub Repo (repo) (.zip) (.pdf)
  6. RGU LaTeX BSc / MSc Project Template – GitHub Repo (repo) (.zip) (.pdf)

LaTeX Resources

  1. Online LaTeX Editor (online)
  2. Online LaTeX Equation Editor (online)
  3. Texmaker Editor (online)
  4. WinShell LaTeX User Front End Editor (online)
  5. proTeXt – MiKTeX-based distribution for Windows (online)
  6. MiKTeX distribution for Windows (online)
  7. LaTeX Command Summary (online)
  8. The Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX (online)

Research Databases

  1. Your University Library, particularly the “Databases” section providing institutional access to IEEE Explore / ACM Digital Library
  2. IEEE xplore (online)
  3. ACM Digital Library (online)
  4. Google Scholar (online)
  5. CiteSeerX (online)
  6. ERIC – Education Resources (online)

Academic Writing

  1. Manchester Phrasebank (online)

Research Article Rankings

  1. CORE – Computing Research & Education – Conference Portal (online)
  2. CORE – Computing Research & Education – Journal Portal (online)
  3. Scimago Journal & Country Rank – Computer Science (online)
  4. Google Scholar – Citations – Engineering & Computer Science (online)
  5. Beall’s List: Predatory Open-Access Publishers (online)
  6. Beall’s List: Predatory Open-Access Journals (online)