Places Visited

The following are just some of the places I have visited during my travels


19 thoughts on “Places Visited

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. I enjoyed viewing your travel photos, especially the ones on Romania. We visited County Cork in 2002 and spent three days in Mallow looking for the birthplaces of our McAuliffe ancestors.

  2. Thank you for stoppjng by my blog. I have been looking at your photos of Lake Louise and remembering how beautiful it is. I was there in 1972. I wouldn’t mind making that trip again.

  3. Great map! My daughter (a German language major) has traveled to Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria and Switzerland. I have all her pictures – I will be going there one of these days!

    I have been to China and future posts will include some of the sights we saw! I enjoy traveling and I enjoy learning the culture of the places we travel. I have been in 46 of the 50 US states too.

    I came here because of your ‘like’ at my blog Come by again soon, I always appreciate visitors!

    Thanks again. I will be following.

    • Have been to Sweden & Denmark so Norway should certainly be another place to visit. Have seen some really good flight options from time to time to Stavanger advertised alongside some wonderful images of the Fjords.

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