Time-lapse Videos of Assembling a Motion Capture System

The following videos show the process of assembling a 12 camera Optitrack Flex 13 system. We originally got the system little over a year ago at which time I created a number of videos showing the process, see the following blog post.

This blog post follows on from my previous post which included quite a number of photographs showing the process of assembly.

The first video below was recorded at 1fps, hence is running at 25x real-time speed. It shows the mounting of the cameras, the wiring of the up to the capture workstation and their repositioning with respect to the capture volume. You may also spot the setting up of a 5.1 Speaker System (Logitech Z906), that can output 500 watts of auditory bliss.

Two days later I got around to tidying some things up and calibration of the system. With the system fully operation and tested out all that was remaining was to tidy up the cables and make everything good and neat.

If you want to see a faster version of the first video above then this one below run at about 60x real-time and is a little under 3.5 minutes in length.

This very first assembly video created in September 2012 has received 1812 views to-date. As you can see it was setup in a much smaller room than in the videos above. Consequently the effective capture volume was limited to a cylinder of just a feet. If you like a spot of Vivaldi with your time-lapse videos this you may enjoy taking a look.

The following playlist includes over 40 videos documenting the process of setting up the MoCap system.