Examples and Considerations of Big Data Information Systems harnessing Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

A coursework / assignment that I’ve set for university students studying computing is to write a report that discusses the need for Information Systems in the modern world. The theme in question being: Big Data Information Systems harnessing Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

The report should provide some background / context to the topic, explore the various components and architecture of the Information System, the associated Software Life cycle, the Tools / Technologies / Methodologies to hand and on through to Deployment.

The following is a list of some areas / systems they could consider. Do you have any other interesting examples that you could add in the comments section of a Big Data Information System that makes use of ML & AI tools / techniques?

Formula 1 Real-time Telemetry Data AnalysisMRI Image Analysis
NASA James Webb Space TelescopeEarthquake Early Warning Systems
BOINCHuman Genome Project
Search for Extra Terrestrial IntelligenceLive Face Identification System
Amazon AlexaUncovering the Past with LIDAR
Google AssistantSmart City, Real-time Traffic Analysis
Weather ForecastingMedical Diagnosis
Movie Recommendation SystemsSurface and Subsurface Analysis of Hydrocarbon Potential in the Oil & Gas Industry
Music Recommendation SystemsSentiment Analysis in Social Media
Self Driving VehiclesAutomated Warehouse
Crime PredictionSmart IoT Enabled Retail Shop
Smart Patient Monitoring & Analysis with Bio-medical SensorsCERN Large Hadron Collider
Humanoid Robot (Boston Dynamics)Humanoid Robot (Tesla)

Some of topic areas above may benefit from consideration towards Ethics, Data Protection / GDPR, would such elements also be useful / key things that could/should be given all due consideration in a report exploring Big Data Information Systems. Many interesting considerations can be found in the ACM Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct (poster) (booklet). Do add your thoughts in the comments section.

Do you have any interesting thoughts on the realm of High Performance Computing (HPC) in the form of C / Fortran MPI operations vs the world of Cloud Computing Services, Graphical Processing Unit (GPU), Tensor Processing Unit (TPC) or Quantum Computing? Again would be interesting to hear your thoughts in the comments section.  

Would Explainable AI be of particular importance, particularly with areas such as Medical Diagnosis? Once again comment below on your insights with regard to the need for Explainable AI?