RGU Hackathon 2016 in Video

Following on from my previous post highlighting events of the RGUHack 2.0 Hackathon (Online). This post focuses on some elements of video captured during the event. First up is a time-lapse of the 24 hour hackathon, this is followed by some interesting apps that are controlled by a Leap Motion. A Youtube playlist of these videos may be found (Online).

The first of these is a game of basketball, as you can see it takes a bit of practice to get the hang of it, however it makes for a really interesting way of interacting with a 3D environment and is really fun to play.

The other videos available below show the use of a Leap Motion to control the flight of an AR Parrot 2.0 Drone. Its is quite responsive and is easily controlled, – closing your hand will start it up, while raising or lowering your hand will have a corresponding effect on the drone as you could expect. Tilting your hand will result in the drone moving forward / back. It was really quite fun to fly, and would recommend that everybody should have a go at flying a drone via gesture control.


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