1000 WordPress Blog Followers and Counting

In the past hours I have just gained my 1000th Blog Follower (The Happy Lifeaholic). The total number of followers now stands at 1178 (which includes 160 Twitter Followers). The next milestone for some strange reason is 1337 Blog Followers, I wonder how long it will take to reach this number.

The number of page views stands at just under seven hundred shy of 40,000. Quite recently WordPress changed the notifications archive, prior to this once could see milestones for the number of likes – under the Awards section, but this is no longer the case. When last I looked I was again just a few hundred likes away from 10,000.

Does anybody know how to view the number of WordPress likes a site has received, given the recent change with the notifications area?

Speaking of numbers, my YouTube channel stands at 183,917 views so not long now before reaching 200K.

Some other recent Blog Followers include
Painting Painting Painting
Toby Gant’s Photography Blog
The Xavi’s Photoblog
Adolfo Viana Photography
Matthew Richards Photography
Keeping My Eye On the Sparrow Photography (with a whopping 27,457,599 views and counting)

Flowers at Duthie Park

Flowers at Duthie Park

Flowers at Duthie Park

1000 Blog Followers


9 thoughts on “1000 WordPress Blog Followers and Counting

  1. I noticed you wondered about the milestone at 1337. There’s an interesting history behind that—it’s “leet” in an alphabet that uses numbers to represent letters. Google “leet” and you’ll find more than you could ever read. There’s a whole subculture centered around the language of leet speak. I imagine the techs at Automattic are well versed in it.

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