Shader Driven Rendering Demos

The following videos are from the work carried out by one of my Honours Project students this past academic year. One can follow this link to read some further detail about it. One may access a playlist of all the videos below on YouTube. The engine consists of over 55,000 lines of code spread across almost 80 classes.

A rewrite of the NVIDIA SDK Island demo using the XPR Python library and the original NVIDIA media resources.

A rewrite of the NVIDIA SDK Ocean demo as an extension of XPR which uses the inbuilt Compute Shader pipeline along with the original NVIDIA media resources.

XPR Python based rewrite of the NVIDIA SDK Terrain demo. Uses the XPR engine’s mesh generators, resource management system, multipass framework and inbuilt tessellation pipeline.

A demo that showcases XPR native instancing and geometry shader driven particles using the textures and animation logic from the Microsoft SDK Particle sample.

An optimised, procedural representation of the Menger Sponge fractal using the XPR engine’s inbuilt pipeline. The demo supports up to 7 recursive subdivisions of the original cube and can animate each resulting cube individually.

A demonstration of hardware instancing as supported by the XPR engine. This sample renders 125.000 boxes using only one model with multiple positions.

A rewrite of an old Microsoft SDK demo using new completely shader-driven methods. Uses XPR multipass and post-processing features to showcase HDR.

An XPR engine demo that demonstrates how to override pipeline bindings in order to create and animate custom fractal shaders. In this case the fractals represented are Mandelbrot and Julia set.

An XPR engine demo that loads a series of meshes that form a car from an FBX file.


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