Applicants Day & Windows Phone Camp

Has been a busy day @RGUComputing was up at 05:30 & at the School just after 08:00. Lee Stott @lee_stott Microsoft Evangelist touched down at Aberdeen Airport at 08:10 and of course immediately tweeted his arrival. He arrived at the School a little before 09:00 & we went on a short tour of the facilities. We then met up with @cbeagrie and went to the lecture theatre to ensure everything was setup for his Applicants Day Lecture. Applicants Day itself kicked off just after 10:00 and after a chat with staff they had a series of lectures for an hour followed by a series of workshops & the chance to look at previous student courseworks & projects.

The Windows Phone Camp run by Lee started towards the end of Applicants Day at 13:00 with a lecture on the platform & development environment. Then it was straight into developing some Windows Phone Applications. There was a break after about two hours for some snacks before heading back to another bout of programming. At 17:00 everybody took some time out for Pizza before heading back to present the applications they had developed. Quite a few games were developed, & some applications such as an aid to wake one up in the morning by having to solve a simple puzzle to turn off the phones alarm to stock market analysis. The camp finished up coming up to 18:00 with a number of prizes being given out from T-Shirts to 3 Nokia Lumia phones. In all, we had well over 60 participants during the phone camp, and I am sure its quite safe to say have everybody who developed their apps had a great time. I took a few photos towards the end of the event I will probably be able to post them up tomorrow.

Concurrently during this time I had some meetings with MSc students, and also did some backups & tidying up of one of our high-end BoXX workstations that was really getting filled up. The backing up process took quite a few hours to complete. With this done however, the systems support team are now in the position to wipe it clean, tidy up the partitions and put on a nice clean install of Windows and the Adobe Production Suite as a starting point. It’s amazing how quickly machines can get clogged up with stuff when one is handling tens and tens of gigabytes of footage just to record a few lectures. They certainly do add up quickly and put even quite high-end dual quad core processor machines under a good degree of strain.

After the phone camp Lee and myself then headed to Union Square Shopping Centre for dinner. We visited Chiquito I had a Classic Chicken & Lee had the Acapulco Chicken Fajita. After dinner we had a look around the shopping centre and of course just had to take a look at the Apple shop, and did some surfing on one of their iPads to see the news on the latest release, by then it was about 19:45 and time to call it a day. Once I got home of course I wrote this blog post and the rest of the evening up until a little after 23:00 dealing with emails from academics and students, so all in all quite an average day.

Phone App Abhishek Bhambri

Windows Phone Camp

Windows Phone Camp

Windows Phone Camp

Windows Phone Camp
Winners of the Nokia Lumia 800 Phones – Scott Adams, Brezney Viegas and Abhishek Bhambri pictured with Lee Stott.

Events for Thursday
Lee is with us again tomorrow to give a series of talks – the first will be to students about the Imagine Cup followed by a talk to staff, a bite of lunch and then a Research Seminar on Azure Cloud Computing in A23 at 15:00. So all in all it will have been a busy two days at the School.

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