IDEAS Research Seminar 27th Jan 2012

Our first IDEAS Research Seminar for 2012 took place today at St Andrew Street, C48 14:15 to 15:15. The invited speakers Dr Judy Robertson & Mr Andrew MacVean from Heriot-Watt University talked about the research they are doing in the area of Exergames.

Computing & Digital Media Research Seminars

Dr Judy Robertson, Mr Andrew MacVean – Heriot-Watt University

Lessons Learned from a Preliminary Study of an Exergame for

With evermore children in the Western world adopting a sedentary
lifestyle, there is an increased emphasis towards physical activity
interventions. Thanks to progressions in ubiquitous technologies,
exergames, games that facilitate and encourage exercise, have emerged as
a potential means to motivate children to exercise in a context they
find both familiar and enjoyable. While early research has shown the
potential of the genre, few games have been designed specifically with
children in mind, accommodating their unique demands. In our work, we
aim to close this gap by investigating how children react to, and make
use of an exergame designed specifically with them in mind. The aim is
to understand how different demographics of children (gender, gaming
background, exercise background, etc) react to a location-aware
exergame, in order to in the…

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